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Ranmaru-kun, when you have a moment, I'd like to have a word. While staying here has been most relaxing, I believe it may be time for me to move on and continue in my search for That Man. Also, there is another matter that I'd like to discuss that I would rather not mention here.

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[filtered to Klarth]

I've changed my mind. I believe I will support your faction. It'll certainly be more useful than doing nothing at all, and I've been itching to get at those OSTA bastards. The only condition is that should I be needed where I am staying, that will come first.


Who knew that I'd find a new mace here? Well, now that my full arsenal is restocked, I'll stand a much better chance against what's out there.

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[011.5] [filtered to Klarth]

After much consideration, I feel that I must turn down your offer. I fail to see how your group will be able to do much more than ANTI, the members of which had the benefit of connections, resources, and technology, was able to do in opposing OSTA.

For now, I will continue to observe. Prove to me that you can do more than talk and we'll see.
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[011] [filtered from OSTA]

Well, this is annoying. Now Nhode is gone and we're stuck in these little offshoots. I'm not about to pick a side, but OSTA is looking worse and worse to me. Suppose if nothing else I can try to find a transporter and get out of here. I'm not sticking around to see what kind of shit OSTA pulls next.

... but where did Ranmaru-kun go? No use worrying. Perhaps I'll just pick a world at random.

Just one thing to ask of you people in these little offshoots: Have any of you seen a spiked mace for sale?
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And Nhode is the same as always. Completely boring. Ah well, just here to stock up.

Does anyone know where some decent smoke bombs can be bought? I used up all of the ones I had on me in Hinamizawa. Speaking of Hinamizawa... where did Keiichi-kun disappear to? Also... maybe somewhere I can get some takoyaki? It's been so long since I've had any that was decent.

Haven't heard from Ranmaru-kun since I was recovering. Has anyone seen him? His world was going to be my next stop, but I'd rather not drop in unexpected.
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Now that the transporters are up again, I'll be taking me leave of this place.

First to Nhode and then to whatever world it is that Ranmaru calls his own (if that is all right, Ranmaru-kun?).

Your assistance has been... appreciated, Ky-san. Especially in installing this filter.
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((struck-through is scribbled out and barely legible))
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