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blindedsword's Journal

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Personal Info

Name: Baiken
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Blood Type: II
Eye color: peach
Birthday: 5 March
Birthplace: Colony
Hobbies: drinking
Likes: sake bottles (tokkuri)
Dislikes: tanuki statues


When the Japanese institution she lived in was raided, Baiken witnessed the horrible deaths of her parents and friends. This massacre was the work of the Gears, but what had been burned into her memory was the image of a man standing in flames, surrounded by his creations. Standing amidst the Gears, he silently gazed upon young Baiken. She became acutely aware, even in the absence of evidence, that he was an enemy. Her memory of this event has not faded; she can vividly recall the carnage every time she closes her eyes. She continues on her quest to find "The Man," to exact her revenge-her people's revenge on him.


A spirited woman and a devoted martial artist. Her femininity has been suppressed in the wake of her supreme goal. Gets in fights over tiny matters; shoots first and asks questions later. Holds her beliefs firmly, and will argue with anyone who disagrees with her to the bitter end. At the same time, though, she is capable of changing her mind if she's obviously wrong.

This journal is part of the sendoff roleplaying game and is currently played by shotglass. The information for this bio was ganked from GuiltyGear.Ru Project